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The lists below collect some favorite books, games, and activities that we try to keep in stock. To view the rest of what we have on hand, head back to the homepage, click the “Browse” button, select the “What’s in store” filter, and refine your search using the filters for either “Subject” (options to try include “Juvenile Fiction,” “Juvenile Nonfiction,” “Young Adult Fiction,” and “Young Adult Nonfiction”) or “Age.” To include other items that we may not have on hand but would be happy to order for you, just skip that “What’s in store” filter. And if you already know what you’re looking for you can use that search bar up top.
Picture Book Favorites
Board Book Favorites
Nature Kids
Books for Young People featuring AAPI Characters
Little Foodies
On Gender Identity
Normalize Blackness
Spanish and Spanish/English Board Books
Interactive Books
Flaps! Folds! Feels! Fun!
All the Feelings
Books on Race and Justice for Young People
Families Are Families Are Families
Box Sets
(Currently In Stock or En Route)
Activity and Craft Books for Kids
20% Off Select In-Stock Titles
20% Off Select In-Stock Titles
Graphic Novels & Nonfiction
For Little Kids, Bigger Kids, and Grown-up Kids
Early Readers
Paperback Picture Books
(Currently In Stock or En Route)
Chew Proof, Rip Proof, Nontoxic, and 100% Washable
Games, Activities, and Flash Cards